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What Treats and Toys to Avoid Giving Your Dog

By March 20, 2024 Uncategorized

We love giving our furry friends new treats and toys. According to Life Learn, 75% of pet owners buy their pets presents. However, knowing what to buy your pet is essential to ensure you don’t need emergency veterinary medical service. Watch out for these surprisingly common toys and treats.

Dinner Scraps

Pet owners commonly give their dogs the rest of their dinner or leftovers. There are foods we can eat that our pets can’t eat. Chocolate is notoriously dangerous for dogs. Dogs who eat chicken or other meat with bones might eat the bone, which can cut their intestines. Only feed your dog human food if you speak with your veterinarian first.

Rawhide Chews

These are typical treats for dogs. Pet owners often see them advertised and readily available in your local pet section. However, these have the potential to be dangerous. Dogs can chew on the treat, making it gummy. Then, it can stick together, and your dog might choke on it. If they swallow it, it can stick together in their intestines. This can create several digestion issues.


Everyone says dogs love bones, and we have all seen at least one picture of a dog with a bone. However, dogs may try to eat the bone. Swallowing bone fragments can lead to several issues. For example, sharp ones may cut your dog’s mouth or intestines. The bone may get stuck in their intestines, too. In this case, you may have to call a veterinary medical service for surgical removal.

Small Toys

Small toys are great for small dogs. Pet owners who give large dogs a toy that is too tiny risk giving their dog a choking hazard. Instead, make sure that the toy’s size matches your dog’s size. You also want to avoid giving dogs toys with small parts. For example, stuffed animals with plastic eyes. Dogs can chew them off and choke on them.

Hard Toys

Avoid toys that are too hard. Toys made of metal or solid plastic are usually too hard. They can cause severe, painful damage to your dog’s teeth. Grab a toy and squeeze it before you purchase it. If it’s hard for you to squeeze or feels solid, it’s too hard for your dog. Instead, opt for softer toys to prevent dental problems.

Finding suitable toys and treats for your dog can be challenging. If you have any questions, our veterinary medical service can help you. Contact Animal Medical Of Covington today.

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